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Preparing for your Future Development

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Preparing for your 2020 Development

With the start of a new year comes the opportunity to plan your personal and professional goals. Join Dr. Keri Ohlrich & Kelly Guenther as they offer practical ideas you can take now, to plan your development for 2020!


Join Dr. Keri Ohlrich & Kelly Guenther as they share with you the top 10 actions from the HR Warrior & Business Leader Insights series this year!

Real Talk about the State of Health Care and How to Change It

As a strategic partner to the business, HR Warriors are keenly aware of the need to think differently and know the latest information. Join Emma Passe Fox, COO @ ePowered Benefits for a fascinating conversation on how actions you can take to transform employee benefits for your organization.

What Business Leaders Say about You When You’re Not in the Room & What You Can Do about It

Ever wonder what business leaders say about you/HR when you’re not in the room? Well, wonder no more as Jennifer Hwang, Chief Strategy Officer at tilr will answer the million dollar question!

Help? Our HR Brand is Not at the Level That We Want!

Are you struggling to define and/or improve your HR Brand? Join us as we talk with Elizabeth Kousiakis, VP of HR at Echo Incorporated as she shares her journey to improve her HR Brand.

Why Is My Team Not Getting Along?!

The struggle is real! Leaders reach out to HR for expertise and guidance in managing complex (and not so complex) challenges within teams. Join Dean Yarborough, Director of IT at Segerstrom Center for the Arts as he shares the power partnering with HR can have on team dynamics.

Being Courageous as an HR Warrior

Demonstrating courage is what separates HR Warriors from HR Weenies. Listen to our conversation as we discuss the impact that being courageous has on the business leaders you support. Leading the conversation was Vonda Mills, CEO of VKM Consulting.


In HR, it’s important to identify the root cause of issues in business. Learn the impact this has on the business leaders you support! Leading the conversation is Terry Howell, Logistics Director at Kapco Metal Stamping.

The Importance of Aligning HR Goals to the Business

In HR, it’s important to ensure our goals align to those of the business. Learn the impact this has on the business leaders you support! Leading the conversation is Carla Hanson, Market President at Arch Staffing & Consulting.

Putting your Career & Development First

In HR, it’s very easy to put ourselves last. Learn why you should put yourself and your development first! Leading the conversation is Jennifer Turner, Executive Vice President and Managing Director at Segerstrom Center for the Arts.


Learn about why there’s a need for HR Warriors and actions you can take to develop yourself as an HR Warrior! Leading the conversation is renowned Executive Sales Leader Sue Tidswell, who shares her perceptions of HR, what works and what doesn’t.


floyd lee locums logo
Natasha Lee
Floyd Lee Locums

Having worked with Keri and Kelly previously, I respect them immensely as both highly talented in HR and incredibly resourceful in supporting business needs. When I launched my own firm and learned that they had formed Abbracci Group, it made 100% sense to me to outsource our HR needs to them. This allows for us to tap into their expertise when and how we need it and make quick adjustments as we scale. High trust, high skill, and complete objective support is what I get when working with these professionals. I’m blessed to have found them at such a critical time in our business and I look forward to using their resources as we grow. I’m excited to call Abbracci Group our HR partner!

western shield label company logo
Nizar Elias
Western Shield

Surrounding ourselves with the right partner in all facets of our business has been pivotal to our success—partnering with Keri and Kelly has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. They’re knowledgeable, resourceful, responsive, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Abbracci Group has been an outstanding strategic HR partner!

robert half logo
Tyler Dion
Robert Half International
Metro Market Manager

If you want traditional and safe HR consulting, keep clicking, this isn’t it. But if you want to accelerate your business and leadership skills while working with a ridiculously talented and slightly zany executive, you’ve found the place.


I worked with Keri when I was a Regional VP for a Fortune 500 company. I was immediately struck by her mental horsepower; she’s truly brilliant. She helped me navigate some significant change with my organization. (And when I say significant, think about taking a 65-year-old business model, ripping it to shreds, and trying something completely new for the first time.)


Keri helped me effect change within my region, while helping me manage up effectively into the organization. She gave me valuable insights into my own way of thinking, and how it could apply best both up and down the organizational chart. Most importantly, she kept me sane throughout a very challenging process. Beyond her intellect, Keri’s biggest strength may lie in her ability to adapt the messages she so ably gives.


Whether it’s a difficult and direct message, a hilarious metaphor, or a “where did that come from?”–type reference that hits the spot, she has the ability to be memorable in a typically normal world. Talk to Keri. You won’t forget it.

Carla Hanson & Jill Momber

Abbracci Group represents the highest of quality standards, ethics, and integrity in the HR field. They take great pride in listening, understanding and going the extra mile to exceed the clients’ expectations in everything they do. Keri and Kelly have built our entire HR infrastructure over the period of (5) months, including, but not limited to: handbook implementation, benefits selection and administration, incentive programs, comprehensive HR policies and procedures, and recruiting and retention programs. Abbracci provides meaningful and out of the box solutions to their clients with measurable results. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

tilr logo
Jen Hwang
SVP, Strategy

I’ve been in sales, operations, and leadership roles for over two decades. Throughout my career, I’ve interacted with thousands of HR professionals at all levels across the globe and in all capacities, from internal partners to clients to mentors and beyond. In 2011, I delightfully stumbled upon an HR unicorn and met a businessperson who demonstrated a level of excellence and intelligence exponentially above the rest: I began working with Keri Ohlrich.


Keri is a fiercely results-oriented, strategic business leader who also happens to possess HR expertise. Her creativity, objectivity, compassion, and acumen tirelessly drive business results, and I proudly share that because of Keri’s incredible contributions, the teams I led, and I, myself, achieved results we never could have without her partnership.

Dave Ulrich
Rensis Likert Professor, School of Business, University of Michigan
Partner, The RBL Group

Monica and Keri sit on the shoulders of HR Warriors offering thoughtful guidance. They synthesize and offer specific advice for HR professionals to make a difference for people and organizations. Their work is well written, practical, and useful.

Beverly Kaye
Founder, Career Systems International
Co-author of "Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay"

This book will make you smile and probably wince—it considers the good, the bad, and the ugly of HR in a very intriguing and straightforward way. If you’re considering or have already established a career in the field of HR, this is a must-read, and will be used by HR practitioners for a long time.

Kevin Pennington
Former CHRO, Fiserv

If you want a career in HR as a second-class corporate citizen, don’t read this book. Only those that choose to make a difference in driving business performance and want an accelerated HR career need apply. A great framework for what matters to the HR profession.

Katrina S. Rogers, PhD
President, Fielding Graduate University

Ohlrich and Frede make the satisfying business case that when HR is at the table with the C-Suite, the difference in company performance is powerful and successful. This is the book that will improve your performance

Kevin Oakes
CEO of i4CP

An excellent resource that will motivate you to transform not only your career but your entire organization. Frede and Ohlrich will teach you how to take CHARGE of your inner HR Warrior.

Associate Vice-President

I have been privileged to have worked with several executive coaches throughout my career. My experience with Keri has been the most powerful by far. She helped me to understand which of my behaviors and tendencies were limiting my success and which characteristics I could leverage for more impact in my organization. By working more effectively with my colleagues, I am realizing positive change for the children and teachers served by my nonprofit. Investing in coaching has elevated and amplified our work as an organization.

Market President

I have had the pleasure of working with Abbracci Group team for the past year and prior to that I worked directly with Kelly and Keri for several years at a global organization, they are the best HR team out there.  They understand the importance of people and are the experts when it comes to building a solid HR foundation and structure.   Their passion and excitement for culture, people and HR is best in class.   If you need HR guidance or support, training, or help in attracting/retaining talent, Abbracci Group is the organization to partner with!   Hands down, best in the business.


The Abbracci Group coaching that I have received is some of the best I’ve gotten in my career. Through Abbracci Group, I am able to reflect upon my working style, manage personal deficits, and acknowledge areas of strength in order to maximize my effectiveness.

IT Director

The consultants from Abbracci Group were invaluable to us as we struggled with personal and team dynamics issues. Their feedback and direction was very insightful and focused. Working closely with Keri and Kelly we were able to determine exactly where our problems originated from and, probably most important – they answered the question of why.

IT Director

If you want objective and straightforward guidance on your organizational issues, hire Abbracci Group.  You will realize in the first 10 minutes that you made the right decision.

HR Warrior Participant

“Keri spoke words of encouragement that changed the vision I had for myself! Thank you for showing me that being an Executive Leader in HR doesn’t have to be a lonely path. You helped me find the HR Warrior within!”

HR Warrior Participant

“This workshop makes you think about the kind of HR person you want to be.”

Virtual HR Warrior Participant

“The modern approach was refreshing and rare. Kelly created a safe and trusting environment for all to be open without judgment. The Abbracci Group GETS IT!”