As experienced HR consultants, we know that every business and individual can go through growing pains on their road to success. We’re passionate about helping teams and leaders overcome challenges through our dedicated coaching services, which:

  • Help you overcome career obstacles
  • Provide insight into how to manage your business hurdles
  • Offer the tools to help you reach your potential as a leader
  • Aid you on your journey toward self-awareness

Our goal is to help individuals and businesses leverage their strengths and manage their weaknesses. To ensure your success, we’ll track your ROI using our built-in process, which includes another 360 assessment six months post-engagement.


We provide leaders and teams with increased self-awareness, improved leadership, and team-building skills through our four-step coaching process:

  • Assessment: We begin by conducting 360 interviews and offering psychometric assessments to learn more about each team member’s personality, goals, leadership style, and skills.
  • Awareness: We’ll review feedback from our assessment process and discuss the results so everyone on the team is reading from the same page.
  • Achieve: At this stage, we’ll begin setting goals and strategizing for success using our 30 years of industry experience and knowledge of best practices.
  • Analysis: It’s important to realize that no plan is perfect from the outset. We are dedicated to journey to greatness by regularly analyzing results, helping you stay the course, and planning for continued success.


What do you need to do in terms of HR? You may need assistance to understand and define your culture. You need some HR expertise. Overall, you just need HELP!

That is where we come in. We offer our Diagnostic and HR Fractional Services, which can fill the gap so you can focus on what matters most.

We are experienced and well-rounded consultants who can help businesses in every industry determine their HR goals and pinpoint what is needed in terms of HR to achieve their success. We will work with you to analyze and diagnose your current needs, provide actionable solutions, and assist you with implementation.


  • We will create our comprehensive HR Diagnostic and 12-month Road Map to help you develop a plan for your HR department.
  • We help you determine the best HR talent and structure for your organization.
  • We can analyze your culture as we are certified Denison Cultural Assessment practitioners.
  • We will be your fractional HR support when you need us.


A confidence boost is a key to success in every organization.

Using our 30 years of experience and our genuine passion for HR, we created the CHARGE® model, designed to assist HR professionals with their careers. We did this because we want to see hard-working HR professionals get the respect they deserve and help their companies flourish.

We know the skills needed to get your HR department working like a well-oiled machine. We’ve been in the trenches and fought the battles, which means we can predict the challenges you’re likely to face and help you overcome them with poise.

Dr. Ohlrich’s book, The Way of the HR Warrior, defines the CHARGE model and provides a clear path that HR professionals can take to reach their maximum potential. Through further support like educational workshops and webinars, HR professionals can truly become HR Warriors!


HR Warriors are Courageous, Humble, Accurate, Resilient, Goal-oriented, and Exemplary.

Whether you’re planning a career in HR or have already spent some time in the industry, our HR Warrior services can increase your confidence in your HR skills by helping you:

  • Realize the impact you can have within organizations
  • Understand how to synchronize your HR efforts with company goals
  • Uncover personal growth and professional development opportunities
  • Study real-life HR scenario that can guide you through the difficult times and prepare you for experiences you may face in the future

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