We love to help companies and talent reach their potential. We are working with you to solve talent problems and do it with common sense, humor, and empathy. We are your partners and in it with you. Check out our services below!

Diagnostics and assessments for leadership, HR professionals, and HR departments

Coaching with a focus on tracking ROI and long-term change

SWAT solutions for urgent people issues

Development of the HR and/or leadership teams through our groundbreaking CHARGETM model

HR Fast Start®

Managing your human talent is vital to your success. We’re experienced, well-rounded, and we know what is needed to build an HR department.

We will consult with you and provide a diagnostic based on discussions with you, our knowledge, and milestones.

Bottom line: We know you don’t need a full-time HR person yet, and we don’t want you to suffer the consequences of not having the essentials in place. We will help you build a solid foundation, so your business can continue to grow and flourish.

When you need HR Fast Start…

  • You don’t have HR in your company.
  • You don’t need a full-time HR person yet.
  • You need help finding talent.
  • You need help designing a talent strategy.
  • Heck, keep you out of some legal trouble.
  • You need to onboard new employees.
  • You need to figure out benefits and payroll.
  • You need to figure out your values and mission.
  • You need to create a cohesive leadership team.


We want to help you on your journey. There is power in one person. As you change, you impact and change those around you.

We have a four step process for Coaching:

Assessment. We conduct 360 interviews and psychometric assessment.

Awareness. We review feedback and discuss insights.

Achieve. We create goals and take action.

Analysis. We conduct 360 follow-up conversations, create a development plan, and plan for next steps.

Our goal is for you to increase self-awareness, learn how to leverage strengths, and manage weaknesses. Save time and money by realizing the ROI which is built into our process. As a way to track progress and measure ROI, we conduct a 360 assessment 6 months post-engagement.

When you need Coaching…

  • You need help in your career.
  • You want a sounding board.
  • You are a High Potential.
  • You are a New Leader.
  • You are going through a transition.


Let’s face it…crap happens and typically it is people-related. We are here to help. We love a good challenge and will work to find a sustainable solution for you.

Our HR SWAT model is composed of: 1) Just the Facts, 2) Action, and 3) Stick the Landing. Our results: Real solutions with real measurable results.

Let’s abolish this problem, but don’t worry, there will be another issue you will face in the future. No matter what, we got you!

When you need HR SWAT…

  • You have a problem and you’re not sure where to start.
  • You have a team performance problem.
  • You have an engagement issue.
  • You have a missed deadline.
  • You need a transformation.

HR Warrior®

We love HR and want to see the profession get more respect and flourish in companies of every size. The team at Abbracci Group has over 30 years of experience in this field, and we know the skills and practices needed to make your HR department thrive. We have been in the trenches and know what is needed. We have turned around HR departments and flipped mindsets of leaders and employees on the image of an HR professional.

Our book, The Way of the HR Warrior, was released September 2018. The book will provide HR professionals the CHARGE model that will assist them with their careers. We’ll also be offering workshops and educational webinars to teach the ins and outs of the CHARGE model.

We want to increase the confidence level of HR professionals. You are worth it and the key to success at every organization!

Who needs the CHARGE model?

  • Entry-level HR professional.
  • University students majoring in HR.
  • HR professionals who want a booster.
  • Entire HR departments who want to assess themselves and understand strengths and gaps.
  • Business leaders who want to assess their HR partners and understand strengths and gaps.

We want you to be an HR Warrior®!

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