Attend Virtual HR Warrior™ Workshop

Wednesdays, March 20 – April 10, 2019
9:00am – 11:00am PT

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Based on the book The Way of the HR Warrior, this virtual workshop provides coaching and an in-depth study of the CHARGE™ model. The CHARGE™ model is based on fundamental qualities for a successful HR professional: Courage, Humility, Accuracy, Resiliency, Goal-oriented, Exemplary. Created with the HR professional in mind, regardless of industry or tenure, this workshop is for those willing to examine their own competence and drive their careers and organizations forward.


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In this engaging, activity-based, four-week workshop, you will work with
other HR practitioners to use the book and its associated assessment to:

Convey the value of HR for your company, employees,
culture, and HR team.

Articulate the CHARGE™ framework and how to use it
to strengthen your HR Warrior™ skills.

Apply the CHARGE™ framework along with assessments to
understand current state of self and organization.

Create a personal HR Warrior™ action/development plan.


Ambitious HR professionals who want to maximize their impact
on their organization’s culture and bottom line.

Individual HR Practitioners

Intact HR Teams

Functional Departments (i.e. Business Partners, Total
Rewards, Learning and Development)


Associate Vice-President

I have been privileged to have worked with several executive coaches throughout my career. My experience with Keri has been the most powerful by far. She helped me to understand which of my behaviors and tendencies were limiting my success and which characteristics I could leverage for more impact in my organization. By working more effectively with my colleagues, I am realizing positive change for the children and teachers served by my nonprofit. Investing in coaching has elevated and amplified our work as an organization.

Market President

I have had the pleasure of working with Abbracci Group team for the past year and prior to that I worked directly with Kelly and Keri for several years at a global organization, they are the best HR team out there.  They understand the importance of people and are the experts when it comes to building a solid HR foundation and structure.   Their passion and excitement for culture, people and HR is best in class.   If you need HR guidance or support, training, or help in attracting/retaining talent, Abbracci Group is the organization to partner with!   Hands down, best in the business.


The Abbracci Group coaching that I have received is some of the best I’ve gotten in my career. Through Abbracci Group, I am able to reflect upon my working style, manage personal deficits, and acknowledge areas of strength in order to maximize my effectiveness.

IT Director

The consultants from Abbracci Group were invaluable to us as we struggled with personal and team dynamics issues. Their feedback and direction was very insightful and focused. Working closely with Keri and Kelly we were able to determine exactly where our problems originated from and, probably most important – they answered the question of why.

IT Director

If you want objective and straightforward guidance on your organizational issues, hire Abbracci Group.  You will realize in the first 10 minutes that you made the right decision.

Course Schedule

09:00-11:00 AM

Introduction to the CHARGE™ Framework

Learn More

Learn the qualities associated with the CHARGE framework, share your self-assessment on the HR Weenie-to-Warrior scale as well as its significance and engage with a business leader who will share insights on the impact of HR in organizations. You’ll also be introduced to the Capstone Project activity, which you will develop throughout the six-week workshop.

09:00-11:00 AM

Developing Courage & Humility

Learn More

What does it mean to be courageous as an HR Warrior? Why is it critical to demonstrate humility? Participate in discussions about the importance of the first two CHARGE qualities, identify actions for your development plan and continue working on your Capstone Project.

09:00-11:00 AM

Developing Accuracy & Resiliency

Learn More

What does it mean to be accurate? How does resiliency shape an HR Warrior? Discuss the importance of the ‘5 Whys’ and how “letting go” helps you on your journey toward becoming an HR Warrior.

09:00-11:00 AM

Incorporating Goal-Oriented and Exemplary Behaviors

Learn More

What should goals look like? How do you know you’re successful? Who needs to be involved? Discover the power of goal-setting and being a role model…for yourself, your team and your organization.


$495 per person, which includes a copy of The Way of the HR Warrior book

Contact for more information.

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