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We are on a mission to improve the environment of organizations which in turn improves the lives of employees. ​

We Focus On


Coaching leaders and teams to increase self-awareness and leadership/team skills


Developing HR professionals into HR Warriors who will positively impact the organization​


Diagnosing the culture of an organization in order to create sustainable practices to nurture the culture


  • Ideas are nothing if not executed. We create action plans, follow through until all the actions are executed upon, and measure the results. We are crazy like that.
  • Good is the enemy of great. We challenge the status quo of the “average employee” and the status quo of “good business results.” We expect greatness. Enough said.
  • We have much respect for the HR function, and we want it to break free from its personnel chains. We can enhance its reputation and establish best practices that will impact the company’s talent (and bottom line).
  • Sugar coating a company’s flaws only leads to cavities. We will tell it to you straight: where weaknesses lie and how a strong talent strategy can make all the difference. We don’t tell you what you want to hear. No BS.
  • A rope is strongest at its knot. And together, employees and employers should be gathered together by purpose. An authentic, genuine, transparent purpose. We are passionate about one thing: be the best version of yourself. That makes the best version of a company. Success is then inevitable.

Teams We've Helped

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What Our Clients Say

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Natasha Lee
Floyd Lee Locums

Having worked with Keri and Kelly previously, I respect them immensely as both highly talented in HR and incredibly resourceful in supporting business needs. When I launched my own firm and learned that they had formed Abbracci Group, it made 100% sense to me to outsource our HR needs to them. This allows for us to tap into their expertise when and how we need it and make quick adjustments as we scale. High trust, high skill, and complete objective support is what I get when working with these professionals. I’m blessed to have found them at such a critical time in our business and I look forward to using their resources as we grow. I’m excited to call Abbracci Group our HR partner!

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Nizar Elias
Western Shield

Surrounding ourselves with the right partner in all facets of our business has been pivotal to our success—partnering with Keri and Kelly has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. They’re knowledgeable, resourceful, responsive, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Abbracci Group has been an outstanding strategic HR partner!

Carla Hanson
Arch Staffing & Consulting
Market President

I have had the pleasure of working with Abbracci Group for the past year and prior to that, I worked directly with Kelly and Keri for several years at a global organization. They are the best HR team out there. They understand the importance of people and are the experts when it comes to building a solid HR foundation and structure. Their passion and excitement for culture, people and HR is best in class. If you need HR guidance or support, Abbracci Group is the organization with which to partner! Hands down, best in the business.

Cheryl Cassidy
Chamberlain Group
HR Director

Keri and Kelly were unbelievably helpful when we wanted a new approach to enhance skills of our global HR team at CGI. They took time to learn about our organization and tailored materials to our specific needs. This specialized attention helped connect the framework to an audience with multiple HR backgrounds and experiences.

Elizabeth Kousiakis
ECHO Incorporated
Vice President of Human Resources

HR Warrior Workshop is a thought-provoking program that left the HR Team inspired and ready to apply their newly learned skills immediately. The workshop provided personal growth opportunities and demonstrated the most critical competencies Human Resources Professionals must have if they expect to gain trust, respect and true business partnership from their peers in other functional groups. This workshop would be perfect for VP’s of HR or CHRO’s joining new organizations who want to establish expectations and introduce their vision to the Human Resources Department.

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Jennifer Wenger
Sr. Director HR, Talent and Organizational Development

Since launching our leadership training program, we’ve seen much better teamwork throughout our organization. From hearing employees offering real-time feedback to one another, to employees living our core values, we appreciate the approach Abbracci Group took to understand our organization and create the custom learning program that was right for us.

Paul Vogel
QSI Produce

Abbracci Group brings a much needed adjustment to the realm of human resources and personnel development, removing the negative stereotypes and misconceptions of the industry.

Today’s environment requires new ideas and methods in order to challenge, encourage, and champion people while balancing the needs of running a business.

Their performance and professionalism impressed and gained the respect of the people involved in the HR function of my organization, their skill set and personalities earned them the trust of my employees, and their contribution to my organization has been significant. Besides all of that; they are nice, fun people with a desire and passion to help every person and business succeed.

Kay Burnham
Segerstrom Center for the Arts
VP Guest Services

I place a high priority on teamwork and creating an environment where everyone can be successful. The work we did with Abbracci Group gave us the tools and information needed to make significant changes in team structure to strategically align abilities with job functions. My team can’t stop talking about how much they enjoyed working with them.

Peter Watson
Dine Brands
Talent Acquisition

We were going through a complete re-org and transformation of our Technology group (structure and delivery model).  We needed to identify the right partner that would have full accountability for the overall project plan/execution which included talent mapping (including needs analysis), stakeholder analysis, communication plan (within technology and enterprise-wide), and all change management components. Abbracci Group was fantastic – they completely committed to all aspects of the project and far exceeded expectations. Their expertise coupled with collaborative style resonated with the Technology Leadership team and allowed us to evolve a complicated, matrixed project into an efficient action plan we could execute against without sacrificing anything on detail/content.  A job very well done!!!

David Bell, PhD
GrandCare Health Services

We have now worked with Abbracci Group on two projects and we couldn’t be happier. Every step of the way, Keri and Kelly were organized, kept us on track and on plan to accomplish our goals. As CEO I felt like the time and money we invested in working with Keri and Kelly was high ROI and I plan to continue working with them in the future.

Diane Bryant
CEO and Chairman

Keri and Kelly were a pleasure to work with. They were thoughtful in their approach, taking the time to understand our company culture, and then developed an employee benefits package and total rewards program that delivered significant value to our employees and to the company. Whenever we need help with complex HR projects, they are our first call.

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