Keri and Kelly both share a passion for helping others transform and become their best, most authentic selves. At Abbracci Group, they are dedicated to helping individuals forge their unique paths. They do this through their variety of projects in People and Talent, Coaching, Strategic Talent Management, developing HR Warriors and their transformative podcast, The Breakout.

Meet Keri

With over two decades in HR leadership, embodies a passion for transforming workplaces into thriving ecosystems. As co-founder of Abbracci Group, co-author of “The Way of the HR Warrior”, and co-author of “Whatever the Hell You Want” her mission is clear: empowering people to excel.


Meet Kelly

Kelly Guenther is the co-founder of Abbracci Group, co-host of The Breakout podcast and co-author of “Whatever The Hell You Want” in which she brings a holistic approach to People and Talent, focusing not only on the organization but also on the individuals who create teams.


Speaking Availability

Keri is available for speaking on a variety of topics. Reach out to learn more or view my reel to see past speaking engagements.

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The Way of the HR Warrior

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