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About the Podcast

Join Dr. Keri Ohlrich (co-author of the book, The Way of the HR Warrior, CEO Abbracci Group) and Kelly Guenther (COO Abbracci Group) as we talk to everyday people who have made a decision that changed the trajectory of their lives. We have heard these empowering stories from friends, leaders, family and colleagues throughout our careers and found inspiration from them and know you will too!

But wait there’s more! While we love a good inspiring story, we want to take action on how we can change our lives too! In that spirit, we ask each of our guests to tell us their story as well as telling us which CHARGE quality they used to help them make decisions. CHARGE is based on Keri’s book and the qualities are: (Courage, Humility, Accuracy, Resiliency, Goal-Oriented, and Exemplary). Lastly, our guests will provide us their top actions that listeners can take to reCHARGE their lives.

We want you to feel empowered and have fun every other Wednesday in a succinct 30 minutes. Now, take a listen and reCHARGE your life!

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