How We Helped a Manufacturing Company Reduce Turnover by Investing in Leadership

How We Helped Reduce Turnover by Investing in Leadership

In March 2018, we were contacted by a Midwest manufacturing company that was struggling with a very serious problem—turnover rates were regularly reaching as high as 38%. The company wasn’t just losing valuable employees, either. The constant turnover was also hurting their ability to pursue long-term goals and further growth.


To get an accurate understanding of the problem, our team conducted in-person interviews with 38 employees. We found that one of the main reasons for their high turnover rate was a perceived “lack of leadership skills.”

Our team created a customized training program specifically for the Company. Before introducing it to employees, we first led them through a number of activities to help prime them for success. These activities included:

  • Pre-training webinars by role
  • Behavior assessments
  • Behavior assessment feedback sessions

Upon completion, we trained 36 employees.
They included:

  • 5 Executives
  • 8 Directors
  • 8 Managers
  • 15 Supervisors

Afterward, we held 30 and 60-day follow-up calls. To further confirm that the training was effective, we also conducted post-training behavior assessments 90 days later.


When we checked back with our training participants in February 2019, we were thrilled to learn how much they had already improved. Compared to the ratings we collected in October, our team saw marked improvements across every category:

  • Peer assessment: +4.3%
  • Manager assessment: +6.6%
  • Self-assessment: +6.9%

We saw two especially high improvements in the following management scores:

  • “This person adapts leadership coaching behaviors to meet differing individual, team, and organizational demands”: +30.5%
  • This person communicates new and adjusted processes to employee’s multiple times”: +27.5% improvement

The Company’s employees also had the following to say about the results that they were already enjoying after our customized training:

“Where do I begin… The training is something that I have been looking for a long time, career-wise.” – Supervisor

“I feel it has helped me communicate better with my team. I am working on making some of my key employees rise up and be leaders and hopefully give them the opportunity to become more.” – Manager

“I think across the board it has helped our team reflect on how other departments may react to things and then try to tailor our delivery to them.” – Manager


At Abbracci Group, we couldn’t be more pleased with this success, though we look forward to hearing about even greater results in the future. Our team enjoyed working with the Company and want to credit their employees for embracing this challenge. That commitment, combined with our training, will help ensure they are able to reduce turnover and continue tackling ambitious goals in the future.

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