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Managing the Talent Market Challenge and the Move to Skills Based Orgs

In a world where the dynamics of work environments are constantly evolving, the challenges of talent retention, remote work, and effective change management have become paramount for organizations.

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Interview With Editorial Advisory Board Member Keri Ohlrich

Co-founder of Abbracci Group and the co-author of The Way of the HR Warrior, Dr. Keri Ohlrich continues her mission to share insights from 20+ years of experience in HR.

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Author Spotlight: Keri Ohlrich, PhD

Keri Ohlrich, Ph.D. is the CEO of the Abbracci Group, a boutique HR consulting firm on a mission to improve the environment of organizations which in turn improves the lives of employees.


10 Ways to Become a Better Leader

Anyone can sit in a corner office and delegate tasks, but there is more to effective leadership than that. Effective leaders have major impacts on not only the team members they manage, but also their company as a whole.

Strategic Talent Management

How To Recharge And Rehumanize Work Cultures With Dr. Keri Ohlrich

Human capital is an important element to achieve business success. But how can business leaders implement empowering work cultures and guide HR officers to perform at their best?

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Tips on Establishing & Maintaining a Positive Relationship with HR

Human Resources is often misunderstood and seen as a daunting department to approach. But HR can actually be a valuable partner in helping you succeed in your career.

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How To Make A Greater Impact At Your Organization As A HR Leader

In this episode, host Becca Banyard is joined by Dr. Keri Ohlrich—CEO at Abbracci Group—to share what the role of HR really is, how leaders can empower and support HR managers, and how HR professionals can use something called the CHARGE framework to drive business impact.

Strategic Talent Management

Making Hybrid a Success

Many HR professionals recognize that a hybrid work environment is what many employees are seeking. While creating policies and expectations are one element of appropriately implementing a hybrid work environment, many companies are struggling to “make it work.”

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Transform Your Workplace – The HR Warrior

In our latest episode, HR expert Keri Ohlrich discusses the misconceptions surrounding the HR profession. Despite popular perception, Keri talks about the significant impact that a skilled HR team can have on staff and business development.

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HR Oxygen

If you’re an HR professional, you know the job can be stressful and exhausting. The challenge is that few of us ever consider self care.

Strategic Talent Management

You Have the HR Tech Solution You Wanted, Now What?

Finding and implementing the right HR software or HR Tech solution can be a difficult, uphill battle. The ability to adapt to ongoing changes and new technology implementations is a critical part of long-term business success.

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Partnering with HR – A Geek Leader Podcast

At the heart of Dr. Ohlrich’s work is to improve the environment of organizations which in turn improves the lives of employees. Whether it is coaching and training leaders, performing cultural assessments or helping develop HR professionals into HR Warriors, she wants all to reach their potential.


Randstad RiseSmart Career Podcast

We cover ideas, insights, tools, and resources for people like you — people focused on achieving their career goals. Together we’ll explore how you can identify your career passions, set your career goals, and achieve everything you work toward in your career.

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Building a Small Biz with a Big Corporate Mindset

What does it take to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset and spirit? What tools are needed to build a business from the ground up? And just how important are roles when working within a partnership?

Strategic Talent Management

Download Prezi’s Hybrid Meeting Toolkit with quote/video from Keri

With hybrid work here to stay, people will no longer tolerate the “traditional” way of holding meetings — too many attendees, too little guidance, and an all-around waste of time.


How to become a better leader

Learn how to be a good leader to improve your team’s engagement and success.

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5 Reasons an HR Roadmap is Essential for Your Business in 2021 and Beyond

Just how important is HR? Given the events of the past year, the timing of this question could not be better. The pandemic. Remote work. Layoffs. Return to work. Increased profits. Decreased profits.


Creating a Better Employee Advocate

Company culture can shape how your employees and corporate leaders advocate for your business. Learn how you can foster a company culture that creates loyal employees and increased brand awareness.

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Thinking about Your Business – Fem Founder

“Every moment of your day is thinking about your business” with Dr. Keri Ohlrich

The Way of the HR Warrior

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