How We Helped a Company Turn a Major Challenge into an Exciting Opportunity

How We Helped a Company Turn a Major Challenge into an Exciting Opportunity

Recently, a national company found themselves facing a potentially overwhelming challenge, albeit a challenge that’s familiar to many companies: their industry’s landscape had transformed dramatically, and they needed to keep up.

For 20 years, their team had designed and implemented the same product without any outside help.

However, over the past five years, their industry had changed. The shift from handling everything in-house to working with other groups was a radical one. So, to ensure the staff members who were tasked with this essential responsibility would be prepared for success, the company turned to Abbracci Group’s executive coaching services.

Partnering with Other Organizations Began from Within

These services included helping each member of the new Sales team understand which unique strengths they possessed that would help the company take on this new challenge. It also showed them where they might have weaknesses that were holding back themselves and the organization. Ultimately, the goal of both initiatives was to increase self-awareness.

The results? It worked!

By the time the follow-up conversations for these assessments were finished, staff members understood themselves better. However, they also better understood how to work with their teammates more effectively to take on this new challenge.

Here’s how different members of the sales team described working with our CEO and co-founder, Keri Ohlrich, PhD:


“She helped me to understand which of my behaviors and tendencies were limiting my success and which characteristics I could leverage for more impact in my organization. By working more effectively with my colleagues, I am realizing positive change for my clients, partners and the company.
Keri also conducted interviews with everyone on my team about me. What is it like to work with me? What is inspiring? What drives you crazy? What do you see as her strengths? What do you see as her areas for growth? I did the same for all of my team members, too. She then helped all of us see where some of our preferences and tendencies were causing challenges for the rest of the team and how we could fix that.” – AVP of Sales

“The Abbracci Group coaching that I have received is some of the best I’ve gotten in my career. Through the Abbracci Group, I am able to reflect upon my working style, manage personal deficits, and acknowledge areas of strength in order to maximize my effectiveness.” – Director of Sales

“Keri seamlessly weaves together humor, candor, and a genuine interest in supporting my professional growth. The individual coaching sessions feel personal and well designed, not the same scripted responses you could pick up at the bookstore. As the new leader of an expanded sales function, Keri’s individual and group coaching sessions were instrumental in helping my team create a common language and healthy culture for continuous improvement.” – VP Sales


Abbracci Group’s Methodology is Proven to Work Again and Again

Over the years, we have developed a proven approach to help our clients get the absolute best out of themselves.

Our four-step process for coaching includes:

  • Assessment: We conduct 360 interviews and a psychometric assessment
  • Awareness: We review feedback and discuss insights
  • Achieve: We create goals and take action
  • Analysis: We conduct 360 follow-up conversations, create a development plan, and plan for next steps

The primary goal of this process is to increase self awareness, learn how to leverage strengths, and manage weaknesses. After 6 months, we’ll conduct a 360-degree assessment, to track improvement and plan for continued development.

No Challenge is Too Big if You Have the Right Guide

It is always a profound honor to help organizations like this one reach new heights, and Abbracci Group would be more than happy to help yours do the same. No matter how big the challenge, Abbracci Group will put its years of experience toward helping you turn it into a golden opportunity.

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