3 Tips to Achieve Real Personal Development

3 Tips to Achieve Real Personal Development

Personal development is a bit of a buzzword these days. The term has become a lot like “self-care.” Somehow, the meaning has changed into indulging ourselves and making sure we are happy. Now, self-care is important, but the real meaning of personal development is a little different. For us, it means continuous learning. It means staying vulnerable, keeping an open mind and learning from your mistakes. It means saying, “I don’t know how to do that.” It means letting go of things that no longer help you.  

For the HR professional, as for any business professional, personal development should be about maximizing potential, improving capabilities, and increasing knowledge in order to achieve your career aspirations. It involves digging deep and getting uncomfortable. It means seeking frank feedback from respected parties. It’s about being honest with ourselves and our shortcomings and working on those areas that will help us succeed at the end of the day.  

Here are a few tips from our experience with personal development to help you get uncomfortable and get growing!  

1. Seek out mentors 

One of the best ways to learn is from people who know more than you! Or, who simply have a different experience and point of view than you do. Seek out mentors, whether they are a colleague, client, partner, or friend. Ask for help. Ask for honest feedback. Bounce ideas off each other. One of the best ways to grow is together.  

2. Expand your horizons 

Educate yourself beyond HR. Understanding people via psychology, culture, economics, history… There are so many ways of looking at the world, and all of these ways impact decision making. Our personal favorite view is the scientific method of research because it is so similar to what we do in HR: forming a hypothesis, researching, and determining if the hypothesis is supported or not.  

3. Reflect on what you want 

Finally, you won’t get very far, if you don’t know where you want to get! Reflect on what you really want for yourself. Are you happy in the role you’re in today? Do you want to advance your career and be promoted? What do you need to invest in to take your skills to the next level? What excites you and what can you commit to? How will you hold yourself accountable?  

Those times in our careers when we feel like we are learning, growing, and contributing — those are the times when we find flow and productivity. Like with any change, there can be discomfort. But that’s how you know it’s working! That’s where your full potential can be realized. We spend so much time at work, and what we do during the day carries over into other parts of our lives, so to be able to find happiness on the job is crucial. That happiness and growth with flow over into other aspects of our lives, and all of a sudden, we will find ourselves thriving.  

Make 2019 the year you commit to putting yourself and your development first! Our HR Warrior® Workshops are a way you can do just that. These workshops are a time to do something special as a Human Resources professional — to spend time listening to others, be introspective, and consider how you’re taking care of yourself and others, and impacting your organization in a unique way. You never hear HR professionals referred to as Warriors… until now.  

Join the revolution!

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