7 Ways Workshops Make you a Better HR Professional

7 Ways that Workshops Can Make you a Better HR Professional

Now, we know not all workshops are made equal. We’ve attended our fair share, so we know first-hand what makes an experience memorable and valuable. That’s why we design all our workshops to be introspective and action-oriented. We want our workshops to mean something for people and to inspire them to take real action. An amazing workshop is one you think about for years to come and where you use what you learn.

Here are seven ways that workshops can help you grow as an HR professional based on years of first-hand experience!

  1. Devoting time to yourself and your own development is essential to growth in your career.
  2. Taking yourself out of your current way of thinking will open the door to previously unseen opportunities!
  3. Learning a new skill or behavior creates growth opportunities and helps you professionally and personally.
  4. You hear from others and share stories about your experiences – and that is how we learn and grow; through our experiences!
  5. You meet individuals you may not have had an opportunity to meet elsewhere. Your network/connections grow, and new relationships are forged. You not only learn from them, but they learn from you.
  6. Workshops can take you out of your comfort zone — in terms of knowledge, activities, or practical application — and get you excited and growing at the same time.
  7. Find your passion again. Workshops are a great opportunity to recharge your batteries and remind yourself why you chose the path you did!

Like with anything, you’ll only get what you give. So, find a workshop that motivates and excites you! If you choose a workshop and you dread the day it starts, it’s a waste of your time and your money. Fully engage and participate — make every effort to avoid distractions that inhibit you from truly focusing on and learning about the topic at hand. Make connections — meet people and learn about them AND their background. How can you learn from them, and them from you? This is how you will get the most out of your workshop experience.

For us, the greatest gift is seeing participants transform and truly embrace the experience. We’ve gotten this kind of response from our HR Warrior® Workshop, so we know we must be doing something right! Here’s what people who actually attended our workshop had to say:

“Keri spoke words of encouragement that changed the vision I had for myself! Thank you for showing me that being an Executive Leader in HR doesn’t have to be a lonely path. You helped me find the HR Warrior® within!”

“This workshop makes you think about the HR person you want to be.”

HR Warrior® Workshops

If you want to push yourself, learn from others and ignite your passion, workshops are a great launchpad. We know that HR professionals often put themselves last, and this is a mistake! Take the time to invest in yourself and your development. Discover what so many others have found — a new perspective on HR.

Make this the time you put yourself first by registering for one of our HR Warrior® Workshops! We offer both virtual and in-person workshops for your ease and convenience.


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