Please Don’t Text Your Employees at 9 p.m

With our constant access to and connection with technology, achieving a work/life balance is becoming more difficult. There are benefits, of course, in having around-the-clock access to people and information, but in a 24/7 culture, it’s important to take responsibility for yourself and to create your own boundaries.

HR Warrior Development

3 Tips to Achieve Real Personal Development

Personal development is a bit of a buzzword these days. The term has become a lot like “self-care.” Somehow, the meaning has changed into indulging ourselves and making sure we are happy. Now, self-care is important, but the real meaning of personal development is a little different. For us, it means continuous learning. It means […]

HR Warrior Development

HR Warriors® vs. HR Weenies™

Boring, administrative, easy, stiff, nerdy, police, buzzkill, overhead, party planners, tour guides. Have you ever heard these descriptors used to describe HR?  There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding HR. Unfortunately, some of them exist for a reason. It’s true, HR can act like Weenies, blindly following the rules while lacking an understanding of deeper […]

The Way of the HR Warrior

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