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7 Ways Workshops Make you a Better HR Professional

Now, we know not all workshops are made equal. We’ve attended our fair share, so we know first-hand what makes an experience memorable and valuable. That’s why we design all our workshops to be introspective and action-oriented. We want our workshops to mean something for people and to inspire them to take real action. An […]

HR Warrior Development

3 Tips to Achieve Real Personal Development

Personal development is a bit of a buzzword these days. The term has become a lot like “self-care.” Somehow, the meaning has changed into indulging ourselves and making sure we are happy. Now, self-care is important, but the real meaning of personal development is a little different. For us, it means continuous learning. It means […]

HR Warrior Development

Old vs. New HR Professionals

“Oh no, HR is in the room. We better be on our best behavior.” This sentiment is one of many outdated notions surrounding HR. Notions such as: HR is the compliance police. HR is the therapy department. HR professionals don’t have any skills beyond being good talkers. Wrong, wrong and wrong again! HR is so […]

HR Warrior Development

HR Warriors® vs. HR Weenies™

Boring, administrative, easy, stiff, nerdy, police, buzzkill, overhead, party planners, tour guides. Have you ever heard these descriptors used to describe HR?  There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding HR. Unfortunately, some of them exist for a reason. It’s true, HR can act like Weenies, blindly following the rules while lacking an understanding of deeper […]

The Way of the HR Warrior

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